Saturday, September 24, 2016

Quilters are Resourceful

Utah's Quilt Fest was a blast! I'll be sharing more photos over the next few days 😊 This first photo is their opportunity quilt - very beautiful.

In these two photos we are eating our sandwiches in semi darkness after the tornado swept through. The show was at the Davis Conference Center connected to the Hilton Garden Inn. The hotel staff and conference center staff were amazing and helpful in every way. As we were heading back to our rooms there were friendly people everywhere with flashlights helping guide us back to our rooms in the dark hallways. The hotel staff also commented on how nice and easy going the quilters were, as we just "rolled with it". I read on my iPad until I went to sleep and then heard the power come back on at 5:25 AM. It was nice to hear that sound! Oh and somehow we lucked out with a room on the first floor. My sister-in-law was on the the third floor and yep, no functioning elevators for 14 1/2 hours!
The photo below was taken in my Color Theory class which went on in the darkness. The teacher was from Idaho State University and she was fantastic. She couldn't use her projector but we could see her computer just fine! She is actually standing there holding it. We couldn't see her too well either. We used flashlights for the fabric portion of the class. The quote below refers to the color wheel 😊
More later! Fun time! Oh and I have something fun to share tomorrow!!

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