Friday, January 13, 2017

Look What I Did!

I finished my Mom's quilt and I thought I would be so smart and quilt the "label" right into the cornerstones on the front of the quilt.  So here is "Happy Birthday Mom!"

Next I signed my name, so you know who made it.

And then I stitched on the date....

Yep, I quilted in January 2016!!

So I'm debating, do I rip it out and change it to 2017?  Or, a hundred years from now no one is going to care whether it was finished in 2016 or 2017?  What would you do?

I pretty much always match the bobbin thread to the back of the quilt, but then have to keep messing with the tension to avoid the little "dots" - you know what I'm talking about!  With the back of this quilt being black, I just didn't want to have to deal with black dots all over the colored sections on the front of the quilt so I used the same thread in the bobbin that I used on the top and I really like the look!  My quilting really shows up on the back of the quilt and for perhaps the first time in my life I'm just fine with that :)

Here is the quilt pre-washed.  Today I'm going to fix the date, or not, I haven't decided yet, and then wash it once or twice to get it all softened up and ready for my Mom to use on her bed :)

I hope you're staying warm and having a great day!!


  1. Gorgeous, and I love the quilting showing on the back. Leave the date as is :-) It's when you started it, right?

  2. Beautiful quilt! My vote is fix the date:)