Thursday, March 30, 2017

I'm Back!!

I am back home from my Sue Spargo adventure and no it didn't last five days but I stayed and visited family for another three days - lots of fun! The Sue Spargo Event was amazing and I have lots of pictures to share.  I also visited a red and white quilt show = more pictures, so stay tuned!  I learned that there are Sue Spargo "groupies" who follow her from class to class or do all of her blocks of the month every year.  There were several in our class.  I can see why because she's an incredible teacher and artist.  The hosting quilt store, My Girlfriends, was wonderful too.  We arrived to find gift baskets on the table for each of us, filled with snacks, fabric, a cup, notepad and pen.  It has a little hand made wool pin cushion attached (I'll show a close up photo later) and we each had a name tag with a wool decoration on it too.  Plus tons of food each day - not just the lunch.  I made new friends and had a wonderful time :)

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