Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sue Spargo

Last Thursday I went to Wool Gatherer's at Hi Fashion and worked on my Sue Spargo needle case (pictured below).  On the circles on the back, I worked the stitches that she instructed me to in the pattern, and I got all of those done.  Now, I have six circles on the front that I can just "go for it" and be real creative with!
I'm super excited to take her class in a couple of weeks.  I received my kit in the mail last week.  We're supposed to have everything cut out and appliquéd down with a whip stitch before class so I've been working on that too.  She does not use fusible in her wool appliqué which is different than I've been taught, so I'm looking forward to learning more of her methods.
Tonight is CO West Quilt Guild meeting and they are introducing the new challenge as well as a show and tell of "old" challenge pieces.  So off I go to dig out some of my old challenge pieces - the ones I didn't give away anyway!

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