Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ruler Grips

Rachel at my Wool Gatherer's meeting last week was working on these "Smiling Jesus" blocks.  The pictures are printed on fabric and they were so soft and pretty.  I hope I get to see this quilt when it's all done!

Someone who watched my Freezer Paper Piecing YouTube video was interested in the ruler grips that I have on my small rulers.  I bought these at a vendor booth at the Denver National Quilt Show several years ago.  I'm including close up pictures here hoping that someone may have an idea of how to make them.  The bottom is of course just a suction cup that wouldn't be hard to find.  Does anyone have an idea of where one could buy the little plastic do-dad on top?  These are sure handy for the small rulers!!

If you're interested in viewing my freezer paper videos I've attached them below.
Have a great day!!

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