Monday, April 17, 2017

Two Finishes

First of all - I could not resist sharing this picture of our little sweetie that my daughter sent yesterday.  Happy Easter indeed!  What a smile!
As I got busy cleaning my sewing room on Saturday I decided it was finally time to finish these two miniature quilts.  Usually when I get to the quilting phase I worry that I'm going to ruin it somehow with my quilting.  With both of these little quilts, I really didn't like them much until I quilted them and now I love them! So for perhaps the first time I feel like my quilting made an improvement on the project :)

This one is 10.5 inches x 11.5 inches.  The center is all English paper pieced (small half inch diamonds) that I started years ago.  The border I just added on recently and it's wool appliqué, with hand embroidery (stems). I put a tiny flange of pink fabric between the brown binding and the cream background.

This one is about 11inches by 15 inches.  It's a Primitive Gatherings pattern (actually it was a kit).  The flowers are all wool appliqué on a cotton background and they got so puckered up when I pieced them together that I came real close to tossing the little thing in the garbage.  I'm glad I didn't because the quilting "fixed" the puckers and I really like the finished product! The half square triangles in the border finish at 1/2 inch.

It feels very nice to finish something!  I have about three more UFO's I want to finish up before I can start something new.  At least my sewing room is tidy and I feel like going in there again :)

Happy Sewing!!

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