Thursday, June 22, 2017

And the Rest....

OK, finally here are the rest of the photos I took at the UQSM in May!

Pieced and quilted by Melissa Miller Curley
(Bertha means "bright one")

Diamond in the Rough
Pieced and quilted by Christa Watson

Honorable Mention

Happy 2 (squared)
Pieced by Shelly Shoultes
Quilted by Linda Brown

Pieced and quilted by Valli Schiller

1st Place Modern

Oliver Octopus
Quilted by Carolina Asmussen

This is a whole cloth quilt!?  (It looks pieced!)

Quilted by Marion McClellan

Another whole cloth quilt!

Hawaiian Dream
Quilted by Cathleen Wallace

Another whole cloth quilt!  These must be panels....

OK - NOT a whole cloth quilt :)

Color Wheels
Pieced by Kimberly Einmo
Quilted by Carolyn Archer

Fire and Ice
Pieced by Kimberly Einmo
Quilted by Judi Madsen

Colorful Cathedral
Pieced by Kimberly Einmo
Quilted by Gina Perkes

Modern Sampler
Pieced by Kimberly Einmo
Quilted by Judi Madsen

Detail of Fire and Ice

Kimberly Einmo was a featured teacher at UQSM.  You can ready more about her at:

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  1. Hi, Carolina Asmussen here!
    Oliver Octopus is a panel, it was printed in the fabric (pattern jam) and the idea was quilt in a way it looked pieced ;) I think it worked!
    Thanks for including the picture of my work! I didn't attend the UQSM last year and I loved to see! I will be teaching free motion quilting classes there this year :)