Thursday, June 1, 2017

Kaffe Club Exhibit

Pictured here is a small sampling of quilts from the Kaffe Club Exhibit at the UQSM show.
"The Kaffe club meets monthly to explore new techniques in quilt making.  In 2016 the focus was on "Houses and More".  It's fun to see the variety of quilts that come from this talented group as they each add their own personality to the various blocks and even how the quilt is finally assembled."

Village in the Aspens
Pieced by Connie Morris
Quilted by Shelly Spaulding

Hometown Memories
Pieced by Karen Phillips
Quilted by Linda Meier

Gnome's Homes
Pieced by Verla Hasler
Quilted by Carol Rawson

Little Neighborhood
Pieced by Andrea Bair
Quilted by Holly Williams-Sosa

Pieced and quilted by Kellie Smith

Stay tuned to see what I'm doing with my Kaffe fabrics!

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