Wednesday, June 7, 2017


In Ouray we met Robert Stoufer who has been pouring natural sand in bottles since 1972.  "Robert's father, Woody Stoufer, taught him the art initially and for several years they both created new designs and taught each other new techniques.  Although there were about ten families that did sandpouring in 1972, Robert is the only person left from the ten families that still practices the art.
Sandpouring began in the U.S. in Iowa, where Andrew Clemens, who could not speak or hear, collected sands that occurred near McGregor and fashioned works of true art in clear glass bottles.  Many of his works are still in McGregor and look like pen and ink drawings, they are so detailed.
A very important part of sand pouring is the collecting of natural sand.  Robert collects sand in about 15 states, mainly in the south and southwest.  Many of the sites in Mississippi have been visited since the 1960's for reds, pastels and white. Colorado and New Mexico sands include greens, browns and dark purples.  The sands must be fine, with a large percentage of clay.  The clay content is what causes the sand to pack when compressed so the designs will not shake up."
Another art form that is truly amazing!  You can find Robert at his bookstore in Ouray - Buckskin Booksellers (505 Main Street, Ouray), where he is happy to give you a demonstration on Sandpouring.

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  1. Amazing!! Those are beautiful. I had no idea there were so many colors of sand. I'll have to go see the demonstration sometime