Saturday, July 1, 2017

Embroidery Guild

I wanted to share some pictures that I took of Show and Tell at the Embroidery Guild in May.  Some of the ladies there are working on a Blackwork project - which is really quite amazing!  I took some pictures of some that are already finished.

Other types of embroidery were shown as well.

This was interesting - one of the gals found this little basket at a thrift shop.  It looks like it was made in the Philippines in 1945.

The Blackwork looks a little like Zentangle to me!  Maybe that's why I like it!  Plus these are pretty tiny hexagons - maybe two inches, with lots of intricate detail in each one.

Look at the little tiny Celtic knots on the flower above!  It's so amazing what beautiful things we can make with a needle and thread!

Look closely and you can see this one has just a touch of gold :)

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