Saturday, August 5, 2017

Victory Board Quilt

My family loves to play board games whenever we get together.  In recent years, we've started a Victory Board and whoever wins the most games during our time together gets a "prize"!  Usually our Victory Board is just a piece of paper with everyone's name and tally marks, but it has been a fancy computer app designed by my son, Jonathan.  Awhile ago my daughter Megan gave me a fat quarter of fabric that she made on:
It's the one on the left the little Carcassonne "followers" because that is one of my favorite games.
She then made the fabric on the right which is pieces of the game Qwirkle.  An idea started forming to make a Victory Board quilt!  I bought some chalkboard fabric from Hi Fashion, then I asked the rest of my family to make me a fat quarter of their favorite game for my birthday.  The fat quarters keep arriving and it's so fun to see what everyone picked!
Left, Chess pieces from Jonathan and Monopoly money from Mike.

Mike also made a Word Cloud with the names of some of our favorite games and made that into fabric!  My family is so creative :)

Yesterday I received a packet from my son Jeff with more Chess pieces, Cartagena (another of my favorite games) and Settlers of Catan hexagon pieces!  I'm overwhelmed - this is going to be so fun!

I think I need just a few more fat quarters of some games we like and then I'll be good to go.  Time to start designing!

My daughter Michelle wants Camel Up fabric to represent her and I think some Stone Age and Snorta would be fun too!

A friend forwarded this ad to me.  If you're going to be in Silverton on September 9th or 10th - this would be tons of fun!

I hope you're having a great Saturday :)

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