Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Halloween Treat Bags

In an email newsletter from Quilter's Lodge I saw this "To Do List", just as I was cleaning up my sewing room.  I have no problem with #1, but I will be 116 years old in 60 years so I better make something out of my fabric within the next 25 years!

Something to check out:

My friend Sheila sent me this article on thimbles and the history of thimbles and thimble collecting.  I had no idea there was a group called Thimble Collector's International (TCI) or a Fingerhut Thimble Museum in Germany! The author has over 4000 thimbles in her collection!  It's a fascinating article with some awesome pictures of amazing thimbles.

Today, in my clean sewing room, I worked on Halloween treat bags! I will fill them with goodies for my family.  The one with the handle is for my granddaughter.  I figure she can use it as a trick or treat bag if she wants to.  The pattern is pictured above in case you're interested.  It's very easy and only takes a couple of fat quarters.

Another article to check out that was in Fons and Porters newsletter today is:

My heart goes out to all those suffering from these devastating storms the past few days and weeks.  I'm glad we are kept posted on how we can help!

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