Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sometimes We Change Our Minds

Have you ever got something all put together and it just didn't look right?  And you knew it would bug you if you didn't rip it out and fix it?  I have done that several times.  Most of the time it is worth the seam ripping to get it right.
Luckily with this Millefiori quilt I'm working on, I can pretty much see how it's going to look before I do any sewing.  Since these are all hand sewn, it would be even harder to make myself rip out seams (although I have ripped out a few)!
You can see in these two photos that after laying out the blocks, I just couldn't make myself like that very center piece.  Since the fabric is just glue basted on the paper pieces at this point, it was easy to pop it off and glue on something different. I'm now happy with the way it turned out :)
Hope you have a great day!!

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