Wednesday, April 11, 2018

International Miniature Quilt Exchange

Deb in Canada received the quilt that I made for her on Monday!  We decided not to enter the show and just send each other our quilts, so I can now post pictures of it.  The design in my head didn't quite materialize onto the fabric the way I envisioned but I hope she likes it (she said she does!)
I used parts of a Karen Kay Buckley pattern and reduced them in size.  The appliqué is more Sue Spargo style with wool and beads and embellished stitches.  It's all done by hand and was inspired by some beautiful pictures Deb sent me of her yard and garden in Canada.
Deb said my quilt is on the way, so I'll post pictures when I receive it!

 I was a little disappointing in the shipping.  I went to the UPS store because it's more convenient than the post office and they also ship USPS.  They quoted me an outrageous shipping price for USPS and then told me that to ship UPS it would only be $33.  That still seemed like a lot but I went ahead and paid and shipped it.  Deb told me that UPS charges outrageous brokerage fees on the other end and she had to pay $67 to receive it!! It therefore would've been cheaper to send it USPS!  I was not very happy.  She said it only cost $25 to ship mine here.  Needless to say, next time I'm heading to the post office, whether it's convenient or not!

For those of you in Grand Junction, come to the CO West Quilt Guild meeting tonight for a lecture and trunk show by Marilyn Badger, whose quilts are amazing!  Hope to see you there!

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