Sew Fun 2 Quilt

Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Little Update

My Mom has been very ill and in the hospital all week so that is where I've been.  She is a little bit better.  It's hard to see her so sick.

I've posted many pictures of incredible sewing machine cakes that I've seen on the internet.  Well, guess what?  This one is mine!  Yesterday was my birthday and my husband found this talented lady and asked her to make me a sewing machine cake!  It's amazing isn't it?  He said he thought about asking her to put Bernina on it, but didn't want to stress her out too much :). We are going to cut it and eat some later today.  I'll let you know how hard it is to cut and how yummy it tastes.
Have a great day :)

Monday, July 16, 2018

So Much To Do...

So little time!  I bought this pattern a few years ago intending to use my Civil War reproduction fabrics to make it.  I haven't started it yet.  I still want to!

Enjoy these photos from the Brigham City Museum.  This is the last of the photos I took - a great exhibit!

I asked my granddaughter which quilt she like the best and this was her chosen favorite! Interestingly the identifying sign had fallen off the wall and I don't know who made it!  It is very pretty though and the machine quilting is beautiful!

Friday, July 13, 2018

A Feast for the Eyes

I still have a few more photos to share from the Brigham City Quilt Museum exhibit.

This amazing quilt was all made by hand.

Barbara Walsh will be coming to Grand Junction in May 2019 doing programs and workshops with Sharon Wright!  Yeah!

The two quilts above are miniatures with teeny, teeny tiny micro quilting and stippling.  The kind of quilts where you shake your head and say "How did she do that?"  Or more specifically, "What size needle and thread did she use??"

I had a great time at the Stitchin' Patch yesterday!  Tomorrow is my second Woodland Whimsy workshop - better get ready!  I think we'll be stitching bees :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My Millefiori

I am so excited about my Millefiori quilt!  The first 8 rosettes are laid out in the photo above!  I love it! I'm going to start sewing them together soon!

Here are a few more photos from the quilt display at the Brigham City Museum.  Have a great day!

Can you believe this quilt is all made by hand?  Her work is SO amazing and seeing it up close is awe-inspiring.

I signed up for a class from Helen Butler in September!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A $20 Sewing Machine??

Last night I finished Rosette #8!  More purple!  If I get time, I think I will lay the quilt out today and start sewing some of the big rosettes together!

I did a little retail therapy while I was in Utah at two of my favorite quilt shops:
The Quilter's Lodge in Draper and My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop in Midway!  Look at those luscious Sue Spargo threads :). And did I break down and buy those orange Karen Kay Buckley scissors or what?

My daughter Michelle made me this adorable book mark!  The back side is cute, flowery and fun!

This is me trying to fix the sleeve on my Dad's jacket on the $20 Singer sewing machine he bought at Walmart!  It worked!  Although, it was a little bit difficult to thread in my opinion....

My granddaughter wanted to take a picture of her Mom and Great Grandma Ruth.  Look at those adorable little feet :)

She also drew a picture of Grandma Ruth.  I know I'm partial but what a little artist!

Have a great day!