Monday, February 27, 2017

Machine Quilting

I prepared a sample today for a little machine quilting class I'm holding for my miniature quilt group on Wednesday.  I'm thinking I need to prepare a handout as well, because I'm not sure we will have time to finish this practice quilt sandwich.  With a handout they could take it home and finish it, if they choose to.

I got a call from My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop in Logan and my kit is in for my Sue Spargo class - coming up in about three weeks! :)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Top Done

I finished the top of my little wool appliqué piece.  It was a kit by Primitive Gatherings.  I found (the hard way) a couple of mistakes in the pattern, so there was some "unsewing" involved and I am going to have to do some serious micro quilting around the flowers to quilt out the puckers.  I need to put it away for awhile first though because right now, knowing all the mistakes, puckers, unpicking and resewing I just don't want to look at it right now! :)
The little half square triangles on the outer border will finish at 1/2 inch.  This is the smallest quilt I've made for awhile.

I fixed it!  You probably knew I would.  If something bugs me, I just need to fix it and get it over with.  I like it better now :)

My daughter Megan is making Easter baskets for her family - look at the cute fabric she picked out!  I can hardly wait to see them all finished :)

Friday, February 24, 2017


I finished my little sewing case, which is a Lynette Anderson kit that I purchased awhile ago.  It was fun to make!  The hardest part was stitching the design onto the pre-made case using a curved needle.

The front side turned out pretty well!

The backside looks a little crooked...

I will let it sit for a few days before deciding if it's worth unstitching parts and straightening it out.

It will be a nice little case to carry tools to classes!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

In the Quilt Studio!

I actually made it into my sewing room yesterday! Yeah!
I finished the pieces for my little sewing case and am now hand sewing them onto the case with a curved needle.  Yes, my fingers are a bit sore :). I think it's going to be cute though - I'm excited!

I also worked on this little quilt with wool appliqué flowers.  I realized, this far into it, that I should have ironed Presto Sheer on the back of the little blocks before doing the wool appliqué.  The blocks are only 2 1/2 x 3 inches, unfinished.  Ah well, live and learn.... I hope I can "quilt it out"!

I am on day nine of the Whole 30 diet and am beginning to really enjoy it.  Here is my lunch yesterday that I made using my new salad chopper - mmmm yummy :)

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Designing A Quilt

My daughter wants me to make her an art quilt for her condo.  I am looking forward to making it but nervous, as I am technically not an "art quilter".  I usually prefer a pattern! (Actually let's say I always prefer a pattern!  I may change the pattern,  but I like having a starting point!) I'm excited about the challenge but I've been putting it on the back burner and making other things because I was kind of chicken to get started....
Last summer we sat down and looked at art quilts so I could get an idea of what she liked and what she is looking for.  We even drew out a sketch, she picked out her fabric, and she bought me some butcher paper so I could draw out the final design.  And there it sat in my sewing room for the last six months while I worked on other projects :)

She visited this weekend so I suggested she helped me draw out the final design and wow!  I'm so glad I did because she came up with some great ideas that I never would have thought of!  She also had a definite preference on how she wanted the border and certain design elements in the quilt so I was really glad that I'd asked for her input, this way I have a better chance of making something she's going to like and want to hang on her wall!

Now I am super excited to start working on it - and who knows?  Maybe Michelle has quilt pattern designing in her future :)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Feeling Inspired

Well, I am feeling very inspired to get into my sewing room, but I just haven't had the time!  I did get up there one day last week, and I have done some hand stitching in the evenings.
I'm working on a little sewing case kit by Lynette Anderson
I finished the hand appliqué, now I am adding some embroidery touches.

I completed the second block of the mystery quilt from My Girlfriends - that came in my Countdown to Christmas pack.  We get a new block the first Saturday of the month. Everything is already cut out for me (thanks to AccuQuilt), so these first two have been pretty quick and simple to put together.  This one did require me to appliqué her head on - which I did by hand :)

I finished my little wool flower blocks (Primitive Gatherings pattern)

and trimmed them up to 2 1/2  x 3 inches.  I also got the sashing and border pieces cut so it's already to sew together - as soon as I find the time!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  It has been a busy day for me, but I got flowers and didn't have to cook dinner so.... what a treat!

Isn't she the cutest little Valentine?? :)

I am making progress on this mini quilt. Now that I'm almost done with it, I think I made the flowers (in the border) too big scale-wise for the mini piecing in the center. I could remove the borders and try again, but I think I'll just leave it and finish it up.  It doesn't bother me enough to start over.  We learn from our mistakes, right?