Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Embroidery Event at the Library!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 23rd, is an all day embroidery event at the library here in Grand Junction.  The event was organized by Laura Pedge and there will be tables set up with several types of embroidery (more than I even knew existed) being displayed and demonstrated.  I will be at the Brazilian Embroidery table beginning at 3:30.  If you have time, you should come check out this event!  In addition there is a display of embroidered pieces at the library all month by members of the Embroidery Guild.  Here are just a few photos:

Tropical Fish
by Sally Schaefer

Bargello Logs
by Connie Fudge

Plum Blossom
by Jeanne Chazen

Sweetly Scented
by Linda Scheme

Star Fire
by Jeanne Chazen

Hope to see you at the library tomorrow!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse Day

I thought I would share a couple of pictures of our hike around Island Lake on Saturday.  It was SO pretty!

I spent the afternoon today getting ready for a Binder Purse class that I am taking tomorrow at Hi Fashion.  Everything is cut, packed and ready to go!

Did you step outside to see the eclipse today?  Here in Grand Junction I believe it was about 89%. Some friends of ours were able to get the special glasses and invited me over so I was able to see it - very interesting!
This picture was taken by my son up in Idaho, where they were able to view the total eclipse!  Pretty amazing.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Skunk Block

I finished block number four of the Woodland Whimsy block of the month!  I am sure enjoying these blocks and the new stitches and techniques I'm learning.  This is a cute little critter but I certainly wouldn't want to meet a real one :)

Are you watching the eclipse tomorrow?  I didn't get the special glasses so I guess I'll have to settle for watching the TV coverage....

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Rest of the Trunk Show

Here are the rest of the photos from the board member trunk show at CWQG last week.

These first four were made by Gini!

Actually I should have said "first three". This quilt and the one below are two sides of the same quilt!
A table topper for two different seasons!  How clever is that?

I brought my Monster Quilt and Mom Said to share.  These are both Sue Garmin patterns.  The poem on the Monster Quilt reads:
There are big scary monsters under the bed,
And every night they must be fed.
They like to eat fabric it's their favorite food,
It puts them in the very best mood.
So the lesson is clear, consider your plight,
Keep buying more fabric or be dinner tonight!

These next three were made by Bonnie, who is the president of the guild this year!

This one was made for her mother :)

I shared this quilt and it's mini.  I made this one for my son's high school graduation several years ago, and then made a miniature of it 1/4 size for myself :)

I hope you're getting a lot of quilting in this weekend.  I did some today, after going on a beautiful hike with my hubby on the Mesa!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Tammy's and Janet's

Here are a few more photos from the board members' trunk show at the CWQG meeting.
These first two were made by Tammy. The members shared a variety of early quilts they'd made and more recent ones.  It's always fun to see how our quilting styles and color choices evolve over time.  Some of my early quilts are still some of my favorites though :)

The next four were all made by Janet - love this French Braid quilt!  I think she said this is one of her favorites too.

I am teaching two classes this Fall and am trying to get some things ready for those classes - I'll be sharing those as I get them going.  I also finished my Skunk block!  He turned out so cute :). I'll share some photos soon.  And I think I MAY have an idea for the International Miniature Quilt exchange quilt that I will be making for Deb (from Canada).  I need to start reducing patterns, so we'll see if it works!  I'll keep you posted, although according to the rules I will not be able to share pictures of it just yet.

I hope you have a fun day and get some quilting in!!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trunk Show Continued

Here are a few more pictures of the CWQG Board members' trunk show.

This minkie beauty was made by Elaine!

Judy made the beautiful star quilt above and the half square triangle quilt to the right.

This Halloween quilt and the following two were made by Mary!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Board Member Trunk Show

At the Colorado West Quilt Guild meeting last week the program was a trunk show, put on by the guild's own board members.  What a treat!

We were each to show three of our quilts.  Today I'm going to show Eddy's and Chris'.  They got a little mixed up when I uploaded the pictures but these first two belong to Eddy, our Program Chair.  I think Eddy and I have something in common besides just quilting.... I think Eddy likes ORANGE :)

These next three all belong to Chris, who is the 1st VP over Committees.  She is a relatively new quilter and fairly new to the guild but she has jumped right in and is a hard worker!

The pumpkin, the rag quilt and the pink quilt all belong to Chris.

This is one of her first quilts and she said she learned a lot about contrast.  I think every quilter has to make a quilt or two like this before we "get" contrast.

My first quilt, which was also pink, but much smaller than this one, had so little contrast you could barely see I'd even pieced any blocks!  My friend Ruth went shopping with me when I started my second quilt and helped me pick out fabrics which I thought "didn't go well together at all"!  Well, it turns out they did and I began to get the contrast concept much better :)

This is Eddy's "Not Your Grandmother's Tumbling Blocks" quilt.  I took this class when Marcie Baker came to town many years ago!  I too have a tumbling blocks quilt.  Mine is baby quilt size and guess what - it has orange in it :)

Love the fabrics Eddy used in this one!

Tomorrow I will share some more photos from the trunk show.  Until then.... Happy Quilting!