Monday, January 15, 2018

Making Progress

I’m making a little progress on my frog Woodland Whimsy block. I’ve since finished the orange flowers with the Woven Spider Web stitch. It looks very cool, I’ll share a picture tomorrow šŸ˜Š
Below is a tiny taste of the hundreds of leaves I’m appliquĆ©ing on my IMQE quilt. Phew! Many more to go.

And just because she’s SO cute šŸ˜šŸ’–
Have a happy day!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Quilt Show Photos

I took a lot of photos in Houston!  More than I thought, although we are getting near the end.

I mentioned that I've been working on a quilt for the IMQE.  I sure picked a difficult design with a lot of handwork!  I am now stitching on hundreds of tiny leaves .... by hand.....

This quilt is called Eve
by Candice Phelan, Florida

Sunset in Maui
by Rebecca Belsaas
and Rebecca Smith
South Dakota

It's hard to see all of the tremendous detail in this one - the photo does not do it justice.  It was a first place winner though!

Adventures in Wonderland
by Fabia Diniz Mendonca

The Woman?
Kyoko Ochiai, Japan

Sapphires on Snow
by Norma Ippolito, Vermont

Hwasung Fortress
by Mikyung Jang
South Korea

Did You See That!
by Gillian Shearer

by Carol Morrissey, Texas

by Frieda Anderson, Illinois

This is pieced, not appliquƩd as you might think!

Uptown Rail Fence
by Maria Shell, Alaska

Friday, January 12, 2018

Stitching with Friends

I got my computer back!  Let's HOPE it keeps working so I don't have to send it in again!
I have been such a blog posting slacker lately - I feel bad.  I have been working on my International Miniature Quilt Exchange quilt, which I am not allowed to post pictures of on the internet, so I haven't had many pictures of my own to share!  I am working on my Woodland Whimsy frog this month too so I will share pictures of him soon :)
In the meantime, here are some more pictures from Houston!
by Yuko Murakami, Japan

by Isabel MuƱoz Bueno, Spain

Inspired by Zentangle! (Free motion quilted!)

Identity Crisis
by Helen Godden and Jonathan S. Evans, Australia

"Jonathan took his first selfie in the dressing room with his new phone, auditioning jackets. The image captured four versions of himself in the multiple mirrors. Each image was a different angle, a different persona..."
 The Second Time Around by Esterita Austin, New York

An Interrupted Still Life
by Pamela Seaberg, Washington

by Susan Brubaker Knapp, North Carolina

Pansies Extraordinaire
by Charlotte Hickman, Oklahoma

Gossiping Ducks and Hungry Tiger
by Pamela Anderson, California

The Deer Mouse & Blackberries
by Darlene Garstecki, Arkansas

White Knight
by Patt Blair, California

Had to share this picture of our little cutie pie!  She LOVES to sing!  What a sweetheart :)

I had a fun stitching experience yesterday at a newer quilt store in town, Inspiration Fabrics.  If you're into hand stitching, you can drop in and stitch with friends every Thursday from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.  It was a blast!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Back to the Sewing Room!

I’ve been sick!  That has definitely been slowing me down.  I slept for three hours this afternoon - instead of working on my projects:(
Hopefully though, I’m on the upswing and can work on some tomorrow.  I got word that my Canadian partner for the IMQE (International Miniature Quilt Exchange) has already finished my quilt!  Ah!  Pressure is on...
In the meantime, here are some more quilts from Houston!
Above: Diamond Effervescence
By Beth Nufer and Clem Buzick, Oregon

Magnetic Attraction
By Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchison, Illinois

By Amy Pabst, West Virginia

My First Double Wedding Ring
By Lisa Mason and Rachael Dorr, Connecticut

You Know What?
By Hiroko Miyama, Japan

Mesa Verde Cliff Palace
By Kathy Adams and Joanne Baeth, Arizona

Un Paseo poor Barcelona
By Anna Maria Ramirez Farre, Spain

Perched Hamadryas
By Sharon R. Nemirov, Arizona

Wisteria Wonder
By Roxane Lessa, North Carolina

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Little Bits Show and Tell

Yesterday I posted a picture of a quilt, made by Susan de Vanny from Australia, that I saw in Houston and later that day I noticed that she is the featured artist in the latest edition of Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine!

Also yesterday I went to my miniature quilt group meeting at Annie's.  Show and Tell was a little more sparse because we were all busy over the holidays, but some great quilts were show still - including this one made by June for a challenge back in the 90's. It depicts a mother and daughter up in the attic, the mother helping the daughter try on a wedding dress.  The hair on the mother is June's and the hair on the daughter is her daughter's.  The wedding photo on the wall is of June and her husband.  The detail in this quilt is just amazing.

That is a real miniature dish on the shelf, and there are beads galore on the dress.  The chandelier is also three dimensional.

We had to admire the backing fabric for the quilt too, which is perfect.  I think June has won several awards for this quilt.

An alphabet quilt that Kathy made for her nephew.

And I finally got to see Sherida's Rowdy the Maverick Steer quilt and I love it!!

The pattern is by Laura Heine and you can find out more about her at:

Someone gifted this antique quilt top to Kathy - Grandmothers Flower Garden.  She plans to hand quilt it.  We were trying to date the fabrics and got a little stumped.  I think she may have to take it to a professional to find out for sure. It's beautiful though and nicely pieced!

I was planning on going to Wool Gatherer's today but I'm sick!  I think I better stay home and keep my germs to myself.....

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Art Pictorial Quilts

Here are some pictures of quilts in the Art Pictorial Category in Houston.  This is not a strong area of mine, but I sure love looking at the beautiful quilts others make in this category!

Beginning True
by Susan de Vanny, Australia

Majestic Flight
by Joanne Baeth, Oregon

Making Amends
by Carol Cote, Canada

Keeping Up Appearances
by Jan Reed, California

Tranquil Dawn
by Ruth Powers, Kansas

Mommy's Three Little Marks
by Emily Stevens, Oregon

Justice & Freedom
by Virginia Greaves, Georgia

At the Waterhole
by Sheila Finzer, Oregon