Sew Fun 2 Quilt

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


I have been preparing the next two Rosettes in my Millefiori quilt and both have a lot of purple in them.  My purple stash is a little crazy!  I hope it all fits in well with the rest of them!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

New Life to an Old Quilt

I finished quilting and binding my Aunt's quilt top!  Now after 70-ish years this quilt can finally be used! I must say that I am really happy with the way it turned out and I hope my Aunt will love it too :)

I should have taken a picture of the back - a pretty print fabric with tiny pink flowers.  This quilt was not the flattest of flat, but I guess sometimes you really can "quilt it out".  I kept following Angela Walter's motto "Close enough is good enough", which made this a really fun quilt to quilt.

I'm going to show it to my parents then it will be in the mail, on its way to my Aunt!

Here is the Wedding Ring quilt that I made many years ago.  It didn't get very big, but I do love it!  I even hand quilted it, which probably wouldn't have happened if it were bigger :)

Are you getting a lot of quilting done this summer?  I have three more to machine quilt.  I think my next endeavor will be Woodland Whimsy!

Have a great day!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Hi Fashion and Heather on TQS!!

Check this out!  Grand Junction's very own Heather Lofstrom is featured on this little video (taken at an Alex Anderson/ Hope Yoder event sponsored by Hi Fashion earlier this month) which was posted on The Quilt Show Daily Blog today! 

Hurray for Heather, Hi Fashion and Grand Junction!! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Splendid Sampler 2

Do you need a new project?  Haha!  The answer to that for most of us is no.... but!  if you like sew alongs, this one might be for you!
I learned on The Inbox Jaunt,
that The Splendid Sampler 2 is huge quilt-along featuring six inch blocks designed by 80 quilt designers.  It is organized by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson. Apparently they did this once before and it was so successful they're doing it again!

What is appealing about it to me is:
1) I like samplers because I don't enjoy making the same block over and over again.
2) It will be a great way to use fabric I already have!  My husband will probably like that reason too :)
Anyway, I've downloaded the first pattern.  It started last Thursday and there will be a new pattern every Thursday until December 6th, then if you want to continue you will need to buy the book.  I'm trying to decide if I should jump in and and do it or not!  What are you waiting for?  Go get started here!:

I took a few show and tell photos at the CWQG meeting on Wednesday evening.  I know this one was made by Eddy.  I can't remember who made the quilt pictured below but it's so cute!

Brenda made this cute little quilt for her grand baby.

And Sheila made the lovely quilt pictured below.  It didn't feel like 100 degrees outside when we looked at the snowy scenes in this quilt!

Hope you're staying cool!  Keep on quilting!

Friday, June 15, 2018

CWQG Challenge

Wednesday night at the Colorado West Quilt Guild meeting, the 2018 Challenge quilts were revealed!

The challenge fabric was a black and white floral (very pretty) and the rules stated that you could add one other color, as many shades of that color as you wanted, but just one color.  Embellishment was encouraged!

Following are pictures of the quilts and the winners.

The quilt above was made by Judy and she was one of the winners.  One unique thing about her quilt is that she colored the background of the black and white fabric blue!  I never would've thought of doing that, but how clever!

The quilt below, made by Mary, was one of the winners!

The quilt above, made by Betty, won two prizes!  I believe 2nd place and Best Embellished!

This orange one makes me happy :)

The three winners, with their quilts above.

Everyone holding their quilts.

I didn't make a challenge quilt this year.  I participated in the International Miniature Quilt Exchange and the Cherrywood Challenge and that was about all I could handle :). I'll have to give it a go again next year.  Kudos to all who participated this year!  Beautiful quilts!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Seventy Year Old Quilt Top

I started quilting the Wedding Ring quilt top that has been sitting on my aunt's shelf for many years.  I took it to a quilt historian, mostly to make sure I wouldn't "ruin" it's value by machine quilting it.  She told me that it was probably pieced (by hand) in the 1940's or 1950's, which makes it around 70 years old!  She said it's not worth any monetary value on today's market, so I didn't feel so bad machine quilting it, even though it looks like it should be hand quilted.  I'm having fun quilting it and I am liking the way it's turning out!  I'm feeling a bit connected to whoever the maker was.  Her piecing of the rings was very organized (I've been accused of being organized a time or too :). And I feel sure that she is happy knowing that it is finally getting finished so it can be used.  I believe it's about a twin size and would look adorable on a little girls bed.
I've also had a bit of a revelation.  I've watched countless machine quilting videos and have taken classes and I've always been told to look ahead of the needle, to where you are going, don't look right at the needle.  I really thought I was doing this, but I noticed, while working on this quilt, that I'm usually looking right at the needle!  I started looking ahead and my quilting improved dramatically, especially free motion stitching in the ditch.  I can do that much faster if I look where I'm going and not where I am!

I bought myself a new pair of quilting gloves at the UQSM show in Salt Lake last month.  I'm trying them out for the first time and I really like them!  Only the thumb and the first two fingers are completely covered and there is some padding in the palm area which is really nice.  I wish I could remember what they're called .... sorry I threw the packaging away.....  If anyone knows, let me know!

No one has taken me up on my offer to pass along the Arizona Quiltfolk book/magazine.  It's really an interesting read, with beautiful pictures!  If you don't wish to leave a comment, send me an email!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some pictures of the CWQG Challenge quilts!

Back to quilting :)