Sew Fun 2 Quilt

Monday, October 26, 2020

Is it Fall still? Or has Winter arrived?

We went from this ...

To this ... In a matter of a few hours!

A friend of mine stopped by this morning and said "Merry Christmas!" when I answered the door 😂

We did have the cutest little visitor this weekend though - we are so blessed 😊❤️


Thursday, October 22, 2020

"Block" of the Month - Ha!

Block of the Month or BOM, as we quilters say, is a funny term because it implies that you will be making one block per month. But many BOMs I've participated in actually require you to make multiple blocks per month.  Which, if you're making a bed size quilt, makes sense!

I fell in love with and signed up for Wendy William's Spice Market warm BOM quilt.  It just made me happy to look at it, it's so bright and fun.  Well, I'm already two months behind....  I decided to try to catch up this week, because hey, two blocks - can't be that bad right?

The picture below shows "Block" one!  Look at all of those half square triangles!  It took me two days.

Pictures one and three show my preparation for "Block" two, which includes 69 three inch hand appliqué circle blocks and five large hand appliqué blocks with multiple circles.  Yep, this will take me much longer than two days. 😂

The good news is, I am having fun working on it and these bright colors make me happy!

If you notice the circles in picture one - there are TWENTY different colors of solid fabrics.  I mean, how fun is that, right??

I hope you're getting to work on something that just makes you happy! 😁


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Squash Squad Update

Above is Michelle's Squash Squad block from last week!  A lot of stitches in this one!

Above are my four finished blocks all together and below is my finished block from last week.  This week we are working on the Blue Hubbard Squash 😊

It's a good thing Handwork mends my soul because I have about 80 circles to hand appliqué ... More on that tomorrow!  Hope you're having a great week! ❤️


Sunday, October 18, 2020

More Quilts in the Garden

Enjoy some more beautiful quilts from the Quilts in the Garden show in September!!

What a gorgeous setting 😊


Friday, October 16, 2020

Lynne's Chick Play

It seems like forever ago that I taught the Chick Play class at Black Sheep Handworx Studio - probably because it was over a year ago, if I'm remembering correctly!

Anyway, I met up with a friend, Lynne, the other day and she showed me the progress she's made on hers. Actually it's all done!  She is just doing some hand quilting now.

I'm SO impressed with her beautiful work!  Wow!  If you look closely you will recognize several familiar stitches, including Turkey Work above, Open Buttonhole Filler on the bird's wing below...

So, so, so creative!!

And, how clever is her hand quilting??  Little chicken tracks.

I just love this! Big round of applause for Lynne!!



Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Leaf Peeping on the Grand Mesa

Last week my husband and I took a drive up on the Grand Mesa to check out the beautiful Fall colors!  We packed a picnic lunch and just enjoyed the beauty of the season! 🍃🍂🍁

The next four pictures were taken by my son, over on the Front Range.

Happy Fall Y'all!  Such a lovely time of the year!