Saturday, August 24, 2013

For the Quilters

Here is Mike's picture of the crystal cutter at the Waterford Factory.  That is a fast spinning blade that is so close to his hands.  Absolutely amazing what beautiful work they do.

Following are some pictures of a unique display of designs on replicates of old viking ship hulls.  We found this down by the port along the Suir River.  I actually may just have to make myself a viking quilt!  These designs are awesome.

The earliest settlement in Waterford was established by Danish vikings in 853, and was called Vadrefjord.  The Danes made this port on the Suir River the center of their operations and defended it with a triangular perimeter of walls.

We thought we were going to have to take tenders up the river to Waterford but our cruise ship was small enough to go right up the river and we were able to anchor right at the dock and walk off the ship.

I love these designs.  Do not be surprised if you see a Viking Quilt in my future!  I love the colors too!

Here is a quote from the Princess Port Guide:

"So much of what Ireland produces reflects the unique soul of its people, and the diversity of its roots.  Both the land and the people are truly blessed with a smile from the heart."

I would have to completely agree.

Above is a picture of the whole exhibit.  To the right is the tug boat that hooked onto the Ocean Princess to turn her around so we could head back out to sea.
At each port, they had local boats guide the cruise ship in and out of the harbor, even if we were anchored off shore.  It was fun to watch, as we were arriving or leaving.

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