Thursday, August 29, 2013

More pictures of Edinburgh

I mentioned that we took a lot of pictures in Edinburgh!  Today's are just a variety of photos that Mike or I took that I just found interesting architecturally, colorfully or whatever.  They might inspire design or art of some kind!

Below is a picture of a monument to Sir Walter Scott, who was a popular author who wrote Ivanhoe, The Lady of the Lake and others.  This monument sits right by the park, West Princes Street Gardens, on Princes Street.

I included this photo Mike took of me by the fireplace to show how massive it is.  This was in Edinburgh Castle.

This is St. Margaret's Chapel which is the oldest building within the castle walls.

Photos from the Great Hall in Edinburgh Castle

A close up of the windows at St. Margaret's Chapel.

Tartan plaids everywhere!

Bolts and bolts of tartan plaid.  Here is where you could be measured for your own kilt!

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Sir Walter Scott monument

Above is the West Princes Street Gardens

Scottish show onboard the Ocean Princess

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