Monday, September 30, 2013

America's Oldest Yarn Shop

After all of our hard work in the sewing room, my Dad drove us to Provo to visit Heindselman's Yarn shop.  What a feast for the eyes!  My Mom is working on some crocheted vests and needed more yarn.  I was just tagging along for fun, but did end up getting a skein of yarn to make a scarf.

This is an awesome yarn shop, with all kinds of knitted and crocheted sweaters, scarves and socks providing oodles of inspiration.  The only things I knit though are dishrags and ruffle scarves.....
My Mom was a little worried about being able to find everything in her newly cleaned sewing room so I gave her a tour today after we finished up.  Hopefully it will be helpful to have all of the painting stuff together, as well as the yarn, counted cross stitch, fabric, batting etc.  She seemed to like it.  As she uses things she can always move them where she wants them - that is if she can find them!  I think she will be able to :)  I found a piece of fabric in her sewing room today with a saying about being creative and messy or something like that.  I will post that tomorrow.

And I have to report that my husband googled Kip Quilter in Park City and I did spell his name correctly!  How cool is that name?  Apparently he is quite the athlete competing in soccer and winter sports in the Park City area.  I wonder if he ever got teased about his last name?  I wonder if his Mom is a quilter?  Maybe someday he will be a quilter!  I do think it is a cool name.  And I was impressed with him as a young man too.  I enjoyed the talk he gave in church on Sunday.

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