Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Day!

Yesterday we attended the wedding and reception of a delightful young couple. It was a wonderful day and everything seemed just as perfect as could be.  It was inspiring to see the bride and groom enjoy their day.

The mother of the bride had made them this beautiful blue, brown and white quilt with turtles, because the bride loves turtles.  I think the colors are striking and the quilt is completely hand quilted.  I am so impressed that she was able to get this done and help her daughter prepare for her wedding!

Here is the happy couple.  They are blending two families into one so they also have three little girls.  The girls made the wedding cake topper out of Legos.  There is a little Lego bride and groom under the canopy on top and then three little Lego girls seated in front on the next layer.  So cute!  I wonder if the Lego Fairy comes to their house.  The Lego Fairy came to our house when our kids were young :)

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  1. I'm sure they had help from the Lego Fairy :)