Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kim Diehl

Friday's luncheon speaker in Midway was Kim Diehl.  I have never taken a class from her but the ladies there were raving about what a great teacher she is.  I thoroughly enjoyed her lecture.  She told some fun stories and brought a lot of quilts to share!  I tried to snap pictures of a few after the lecture.  She is a fabric designer too.  I recently bought some of her fabrics from Hi Fashion and am using them in my Sheep of the Month quilt.  I REALLY like her fabric line.

I like the way she combines some fairly simple block patterns to make unique designs.  They look so comfy and "homey" you just want to curl up in them and take a nap :)

Kim said she has been traveling so much recently, and in and out of airports and public places, that she found herself at home, in her bathroom, holding her hands under the sink and wondering why the water wasn't coming on!
Reminds me of a time I tried to unlock the front door of my house using the remote on my car key.....

Aren't these quilts fabulous?  I am inspired by her work.

Cute Halloween wall hanging.  Kim said that her daughter told her that this quilt scares her.

Every day at lunch these hand made baskets were on each table filled with table favors for everyone who attended.  On Wednesday I received a charm pack, Thursday small bottles of fabric dying solutions and Friday about 10 spools of Mettler thread!
Great fun at the Quilt Fest in Midway - I headed home Friday after Kim's lecture :)

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