Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ready for Quilt Fest!

I am getting ready to go to the Utah Quilt Guild's Quilt Fest with my sister-in-law!  I am excited!  I'm traveling rather light because I am only taking one class this time - a machine quilting design class - which I am looking forward to because, as you know, I really want to improve in this area.
Why the big roll of batting?  Long story.  I bought this BIG roll of batting at the Denver Quilt Show in the Spring.  It is bamboo batting and the samples I was shown seemed so soft and nice.  However when I got this big roll home and cut some off to make a couple of baby quilts, it was REALLY dense. The baby quilts can practically stand up by themselves.  When I discovered that the same batting company was going to the Quilt Fest in Utah, I called them and asked if I could return this batting and exchange it for something else.  The woman I talked to was VERY nice and said they would be happy to!  So what is left of my huge roll, which is most of it, is going to Utah to be traded for something I will use.  I will let you know what that is!  What kind of batting do YOU like??

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