Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Zentangle by Monika

Monika, one of the ladies who took my Paradise Stitched class, told me about taking a Zentangle Class at her local quilt shop and how much fun it was!  I was instantly intrigued because I had purchased two Zentangle quilting books the last time I went to the Houston show and had yet to do anything with them.
Zentangle is basically doodling within shapes.  I was planning to do the doodling via machine quilting, but in these examples Monika doodled on fabric with fabric pens and created her own fabric designs.  She brought her work to share and they are inspiring!

In the example above, she used a quilting stencil for the basic design, then did her own doodling inside the shapes with a permanent fabric pen.  I think it is awesome and can hardly wait to try it myself.  Monika said this is the funnest class she has ever taken.
In the piece on the right, she used colored fabric pens.
 This piece is not Zentangle.  She was experimenting with water colors on fabric. The result is beautiful.

More Zentangle, this time combined with hand appliqué.  Now we're speaking my language.  I love this effect!

A couple of close ups of the example above.

Simple Zentangle, black pen on white fabric, using a quilting stencil as a starting point.  I see so much potential for this!

If you would like to see more Zentangle, go to Pinterest and you will find a LOT of AMAZING examples.  Of course you can Zentangle on paper, or tiles, or whatever your heart desires.

Hopefully soon I will post some of my own Zentangles here.  I would still like to try Zentangle quilting too!

More of Monika's watercolor work :)

Have a fun day!!

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