Thursday, November 21, 2013

Here It Is!

I finally finished the t-shirt quilt.  I hope my son doesn't read my blog or else he will get a sneak peek at his Christmas gift!
As I mentioned before, this was a very difficult quilt to machine quilt  The fabrics are cotton, the t-shirts are stabilized with a stabilizer, which helped, but they of course are still a little stretchy. The backing is a type of minkie - very soft and pretty but a little slippery to pin and quilt.  The batting is wool, which gives it a nice light drape and feel, but is very warm (also a little slippery).  It should work for a nice college bedspread I think - to replace the one he is using now and has had since he was a child!

I was not going to take any close up photos but ... oh well!  I did a regular meander inside the t-shirts themselves and a geometric triangular meander over the rest of the quilt and quilted leaves in the green borders.  I thought the triangular meander a good idea at the time, for a masculine quilt, but in these photos it looks a little jarring.

Here is a photo of the back, although the lighting is not good - it is all one pretty green color and the quilting really shows on minkie backs!
I did love quilting this on my Bernina 710 - the machine was fantastic!  It was the quilter who was having problems!
Overall though, this will be a nice warm bed covering and a fun way to remember his funny t-shirt stage of life :)
And I learned a lot, and that is always a good thing!  Have a happy day!

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