Tuesday, November 19, 2013

iPad Cases - Give Me A Break!

I should say that making the iPad cases gave me a break!  I needed a break from quilting after battling with that t-shirt quilt.  I have the binding sewn on and half hand-sewn down though, so I'm getting there.

These iPad cases are for my son (the brown one on top) and husband (the one with Australian fabrics that he picked out).  They have the smart covers, but it's nice to have a simple sleeve to slide it in when you're going somewhere to protect the back from scratches.  My son wanted a velcro closure and my husband a button because it's quieter if you're in a meeting when you want to open it up!

The black rectangle on the inside flap is a micro fiber square that I appliquéd on.  It is nice to have that attached for wiping the screen when needed.
I am getting towards the end of my Houston pictures, but here are a few more!

"Shangrila" by Barb Forrister from Texas.

"Shangrila is a 3-D triptych created with soft-sculpted flowers on a hand painted and inked background.  As a fiber artist, I am constantly looking for different mediums that can be used to add lift and yet be pliable enough to sculpt; others remain flat but still provide texture.  For me, it is the next place my art is taking me and I am enjoying the ride!"

"Benefit of the Sunshine" by Noriko Nozawa from Japan.

"The quilt expresses a gentle light by using rainbow colors I dyed myself.  It is possible to contrast monochrome with a bright color.  For the first time I tried the method that emphasizes an outline by using thin felt."

Dyed, free-motion quilted, machine pieced.

The quilted flowers in the face create some shading.  I thought that was interesting!

From the Festival Gallery of Quilt Art:

"Venice's Carnival" by Sonia Bardella from Italy.

Hand appliquéd, painted, machine embroidered, machine and hand-quilted.

She says, "I live near Venice and every year my family and I go to Venice to see the world-famous carnival."

From Hands All Around 2013:

"Linkin Park" by Tommy Fitzsimmons from Illinois.

Machine appliquéd and pieced.

"The construction complications are what made me want to make this quilt. It can only be done a little at a time due to the chains linking together. It was a good brain teaser for me."

From Tactile Architecture 2013:

"Walking In A Winter Wonderland" by Barb Forrister from Texas.

Wholecloth painted, machine quilted.

"Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, lies the small, charmingly elegant town of Estes Park, Colorado.  At night, the picturesque atmosphere conveys a magical feeling with its cool, crisp air, clear sky filled with an abundance of stars, trees heavily laden with freshly fallen snow and lights twinkling all about.  Marked by beauty and an eerie silence, it imparts a deliciously peaceful and breathtaking moment, a point when time stands still."

"The Quilt Show" by Carole Corder from Washington.

"My inspiration sprang initially from traditional quilts done by my Midwestern grandmothers.  Many of those quilts are still cherished by our family, and I even incorporated bits of my paternal grandmother's fabrics in some of my interpretations of the well-known, old-fashioned patterns.  I also found inspiration in fanciful folk art techniques popular in the 1980s.  Traditional techniques of hand piecing, hand appliqué, and hand quilting combine with the whimsy of folk art to create a piece that appeals to a wide audience, and especially to me."

Hand and machine pieced, hand appliquéd and hand quilted.

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