Saturday, November 16, 2013

More Great Quilts!

"1938" by Melissa Burdon from New Zealand

"I was inspired by an old black and white photo of my great aunt, grandmother, and father shopping in Wellington in 1938.  I love how it reflects a period of history, as well as making me think if my own childhood, going shopping with Mum."

Fused applique and machine quilted

"All Together" by Hiroko Miyama and Masanobu Miyama from Japan

"This quilt is the first collaboration with my husband.  Our sons in childhood, granddaughters, dogs, and wild animals play together at the lily mountain in Nagao.  I appliquéd my figure in high school days, too!  All figures, flowers, as well as white mountains, are appliquéd with very tiny pieces.  This quilt took 1,600 hours to complete.
Applipiecing, micro-fused appliqué, and hand-dyed fabrics.

This quilt was featured on The Quilt Show website as a "zoom" quilt.  Whoever posted it said they couldn't believe this didn't win an award.  I agree!  It is definitely award worthy in my book!  I think it is sweet that a husband and wife worked on this together.  The husband won a big award for "Wind" the small dog art piece.  This quilt is quite large.

 "Shadows 2" by Margarete Steinhauer from Colorado.

"The pattern of long shadows on fresh snow created by a typical snow fence inspired this piece."

Machine pieced and quilted.
 "Wandering 'Round My World" by Beth Schillig from Ohio.

"The background started with Ricky Tims' hand-dyed fabric.  I added my hand-dyes for the circles.  Turned-edge appliqués were machine stitched and enhanced with built-in machine stitches.  Hand beading adds a sparkle, and mini-piping gives the circles their nice finish.  The free-standing circles hinge the sections of the modern triptych together."

"Cabin Window" by Maria Elkins from Ohio.

"I have had a long-standing goal of trying to work more improvisationally and abstractly.  It is very freeing to begin a piece with no idea of what it will look like when you are done.  Instead, I just concentrate on piecing lines with beautiful curves, using pleasing colors."

"It All Comes Around" by Karlyn Bue Lohrenz from Montana.

"I kept my hands and heart busy (tears of happiness, loneliness, and worry) as I watched my 17-year old granddaughter apply for, interview for, and accept a full ride scholarship to study abroad.  We went through many emotions as a family, and I finished this quilt the day she was greeted by her host family in Germany."

Machine applique, machine piecing, felting, free-motion machine quilting.

"Fanciful Flora" by Lois Podolny from Arizona.

"This is a fantasy flower arrived at by starting with random shapes and seeing where the journey would take me.  It was inspired by a class with Jane Sassaman.  It is free-motion quilted and an original design."

"Lain Lou" by Rebecca Stewart-Bartell from Australia.

"Australian wildflowers have a wonderful contrast in their colors.  I have tried to show the bright reds and deep greens of the eucalyptus blossom against the blue of the sky."

Raw edge appliqué, ink painting to highlight applique, free-motion long arm machine quilting.

"Green River Sunset" by Patricia Gould from New Mexico.

"This scene is loosely based on a photo I took in Dinosaur National Monument in southwestern Colorado."

Discharged, hand painted, fused fabrics, free-motion machine quilted.

"Night Bloomers" by Beth Miller from Australia.

"The delicate, highly perfumed flowers of the cactus contrast strongly with the columnar and prickly stems.  The large flowers bloom only at night, attracting moths and insects, and last only from one sunset to the next."

Fused applique, hand and machine embroidery, machine quilting, hand painting.

"Ricky and Lucy" by Nancy Sterett Martin and Karen Sistek from Kentucky.

"Parrots are beautiful and colorful birds.  Painting them on silk was challenging, but by quilting them, they came to life."

"Xcaret: Orchid Blossoms II" by Andrea Brokenshire from Texas.

"This is the second quilt in a series based on my photography taken during a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  My favorite thing about this quilt is how the light is captured."

Hand-painted silk, fused applique on a "confetti" style background, free-hand machine embroidery, machine quilted.

"Best Friends" by Patt Blair from California.

"Being happy has much less to do with the pocketbook than the richness of family and friends.  These young girls from a Mexican village have each other and could not be happier celebrating their friendship."
(I really like her artist's statement!)

Pigment inks on cotton, painted/layered.

"Mark's Magnificent Marlin, Murphy" by Helen Godden from Australia.

"The mighty marlin twists and turns and bursts from the deep ocean waves.  Created for my dear friend, Mark Hyland, celebrating his joy of deep sea fishing."

Hand painted on black whole cloth, free-motion machine quilted.

Have a great weekend and have fun creating :)

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