Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This Is It!

This is the last of the quilt photos I took in Houston.

"Celestial Fantasy" by Lynne Reamey from Louisiana.

Honorable Mention in the pieced category in the Hoffman Challenge.

"The Roswells from Planet Quiltron" by Alice Zimmerman from New York.

This was also a Hoffman Challenge piece.

"Catena" by Timna Tarr from Massachusetts.

This piece was in the "Celebrate Spring" exhibit. My friend Michelle made a smaller version of this quilt which won our guild's challenge back in June.  She sent a picture of it to Timna, who posted it on her blog.  While we were in Houston Michelle spotted Timna, who was there with her mother and we met them both.  Timna had two quilts on display there.  It was really fun to meet them!

"De jurk" by Annemiek van den Boogaard from The Netherlands.

I think this was in the Open European Quilt Championships exhibit but I'm not positive.
She says, "For my inspiration I used a drawing by Vasarely. Then I started to draw myself and I put my own ideas into it.  This quilt is made with different techniques, fabrics and colors.  I followed my intuition and I'm proud of the result.

It won an Award of Merit and it is hand pieced and machine quilted.

"It's the Journey" by Patricia Charity from California.

This is from the MAPS exhibit.

She said she was inspired by history and the romance of travel during a time when getting to the destination was only the end of the journey.

"Uncharted" by Catherine Baltgalvis from California.

She said, "This piece is based on an antique map with chart lines and traditional compass symbols."

Also from the MAPS exhibit.

"The Hummingbird" by Sue Bleiweiss from Massachusetts.

"Every year I eagerly await the sight of the first hummingbird in the garden.  It's always an exquisite moment that marks the official beginning of spring and the warm sunny days ahead.

Raw-edge fusible appliquéd and machine quilted.

Exquisite Moment exhibit

"XXOO" by Gerrie Congdon from Oregon.

"Everyone who knows me is aware that my grandchildren are a precious part of my life.  As I thought about this theme, I realized that the first hugs and kisses from one of my grandchildren created an exquisite moment."

Fused raw-edge appliqué, machine quilted.

Exquisite Moment exhibit

"Bach Suite I" by Lyric Kinard from North Carolina.

"The bliss of music, the sweetness of sound, the richness of a bow pulled over deep cello strings."

Dyed, screen-printed, painted, stitched.

Exquisite Moment exhibit.

Here is a little Zentangle I did in a class last night :)

Have a wonderful day!!

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