Monday, December 9, 2013


Tomorrow is the Christmas luncheon for my miniature quilt group - The Little Bits!  It was actually supposed to be last Wednesday but we have had a bit of snow and ice so we needed to postpone.  The weather is looking good so I am excited for our party!
The scarf is the gift I made for my "secret sister".  It is really soft and I love the colors.  I hope she does too.  I bought one of those plastic things with pegs at Michael's that you can "knit" with - make scarves and hats and things.  I bought it for someone else and it didn't quite work out for her, so I ended up trying it out myself by making this scarf.  It was pretty fun!

I also made these cute little owl Christmas ornaments out of wool as a party favor for the whole group!  These were so fun to make, especially picking out the different colors.  Hopefully no one in my group will read my blog until after the party tomorrow - I just couldn't wait any longer to show off these owls :)  I found the pattern for them on Pinterest!