Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lavender Festival

Today I went to the Lavender Festival (kind of an arts and crafts show) and helped sell raffle tickets for our guild's raffle quilt, which is pictured hanging on the wall in the back of the booth.  The drawing is next Saturday and when I left today there were about 90 tickets left out of 5000, so that's pretty good!  Hopefully those sold as well!  The guild has been selling them for almost a year, so no, we didn't sell over 4000 today, but we did sell quite a few!
Several guild members had made other crafts items and donated them to the guild to sell in the booth too.

There was quite a nice selection of items for sale.  I walked around the rest of the festival to see what other booths were offering and there were a lot of homemade soaps and lotions, some jewelry and some gourmet food items.  They also had these gorgeous lavender poinsettia plants for sale!  I wondered how in the world they grew a lavender poinsettia plant, and then I found out they were spray painted :)  They didn't feel painted though, but they lady said when the flowers bloom again they will be white.  Very pretty!  Lavender is quite the thing!

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