Monday, December 2, 2013

Longarm It!

I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving!  We had fun spending time with family.  That is one of the things I am most thankful for - our family!  Love them all so much!

A fun thing I was able to do this weekend is play with my sister-in-law's long arm quilting machine - an HQ Fusion!

She showed me how to load up a quilt and walked me through everything step by step.  She loaded up some muslin for us to play around with.  My daughter was interested too and tried it out and actually did quite well!  I was impressed!  She is not a quilter yet, but maybe that is in her future :)  If so, I bet she becomes a long arm machine quilter because she took right to it.

I, on the other hand, had a lot of difficulties!  My brain is used to pushing the quilt around under the machine, not pushing the machine around the quilt so I found it rather difficult to control.  I am sure one could get used to it with a lot of practice, but I think it was easier for my daughter, never having done either method of quilting, than it was for me.

At first we just played around doing free motion designs that we were familiar with, then Cathie showed us how to use the pantographs.  That was fun to try, but also quite difficult for me. Once again, Michelle took right to this and didn't seem to have any trouble at all!

Cathie was so patient with us and let us try everything!  It was a blast.

Here is Michelle, making it look easy!

Here is my first attempt at using the pantograph - pretty rocky!  It would take a lot of practice!

Mike even got in on the action as we were finishing up.

What a fun way to spend the afternoon!  We also got to see some cute pillows that Cathie's daughter is making for her college roommates, so she had a busy weekend creating and having fun too.  Cathie has her first long arm customer with a quilt to get done by Christmas, so she's on her way!

Thanks for a fun afternoon Cathie and good luck with the long arm!  It's awesome!

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