Saturday, January 4, 2014

Downton Abbey Tea Party at Hi Fashion

Our miniature quilt group, Little Bits, meets on the first Wednesday of the month, which this month was New Year's Day.  So we opted to meet today instead at The Egg and I for lunch, then head across the street to the Downton Abbey Tea Party at Hi Fashion!

Here is our group minus a couple who couldn't make it today.  After a delicious lunch we headed over to Hi Fashion where they had bent over backward to provide a fun party!

Heather and Kari had made two quilts, a table runner and two hats from Andover Fabric's Downton Abbey line.  Apparently there are some free quilt pattern downloads on their website that I will have to go check out.  Today I bought a pattern I like called "Fans for Edith" using Lady Edith's pretty fabric.

Kari showed a couple of clips of what is to come in Season 4, and we played a fun trivia game with 30 questions about the past three seasons.  My friend Michelle won a prize for being one of the three that answered the most correct!  I got 28 out of 30 right, mostly because I read that obsessed viewers guide just last night :)

Here are some of Lady Mary's fabrics and the nifty 1920's hat pattern.

Jeff, Heather and Kari all dressed for the event.  Jeff said he was "only the chauffeur" but that he could "marry up"!  He said he bought his wife Seasons 1-3 on DVD for Christmas and between Christmas and now they have watched all three seasons!  He probably did really well on that quiz!

Here are Heather and Kari in the hats that Kari made.

Everything was displayed so nicely, and for today only the fabric was all 25% off.  I didn't even take pictures of the nice food spread they had.

A "guest", Wendy, dressed for the event too.  She looked great!  It turned out that this is the woman Michelle and I met at the airport on the way to Houston.  It was fun to see her again!

Sherida also dressed for the event and looked quite lovely.  The wool purse she is carrying is one she made herself.

I won a door prize!  Some of Lady Sybil's fabrics and a tin of tea!  I will probably gift the tea to someone since I am not a tea drinker but I am sure I will make good use of the fabric!  Kari said it's Baby Sybil's fabric since Lady Sybil is no longer on the show.

What a fun afternoon!  Now I will make it even more fun by going upstairs and working on my Snowman quilt :)

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  1. Great pictures of the Downton Abby Tea. It really was great fun. I got 29 answers correct, I didn't know the actors names very well. I am trying to figure out what to use my fabrics in...thanks for the great post.