Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!  I can hardly believe it is 2014 already!  I have had a wonderful time with my family the past week and a half.  All our kids were home and we had fun hanging out, playing games and enjoying each others' company.  I was sick the whole time however - that was unfortunate.  I got sick on Christmas and have just not been able to shake it yet.  The fish photos were taken at the doctor's office.  My favorites are the yellow and the bright blue and yellow, seen in the photo below.  The yellow fish was so fast though it was really hard to get a good picture.
We did our annual "Victory Board" for game playing and revealed the winners and prizes last night at midnight.  Our son-in-law, Landon was the champion!  Our son Jeff came in a close 2nd and daughter Michelle 3rd!
Some new games played this year included Wits and Wagers, Creationary, Quelf, a new version of Dominion and probably something I'm not thinking of right now.  We also played many of our old favorites, went bowling and generally had a good time.  I wasn't feeling up to taking pictures much of the time but my kids said they would share so I will probably post some later.  Time to get going in 2014! Have a great day!

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