Saturday, January 11, 2014

Number Two Finished in 2014!

Here is the second project I have finished in 2014!  That's pretty good for January 11th!  Of course, to be fair, they were almost done in
2013 :)
This is a wool kit that I bought from Laura's Home.  She had a sample in her store made by Becky and I loved it. It's so pretty - I knew it would look great in our living room (the same neutral colors).  I am happy with it and I think it does look good in our living room.

Here are some up close pictures that show the stitching a little bit better.  I did the regular blanket stitch, plus some other fun embroidery stitches from my embroidery handbook.

These are colonial knots, not french knots.  I like them better, probably because I can make them look better!

Two friends unexpectedly gave me books this week!  Phyllis gave me this Isometric Perspective by Katie Pasquini-Masopust.  I had recently really admired a geometric quilt that Phyllis made and she must have used this book!  My husband saw this sitting on my cutting table and said, "Now those are the quilts I like!"  I will have to give this a try - it looks challenging!  Hmmm.... maybe this will be the quilt "I've always wanted to make" for 2014.  I haven't decided for sure because there are so many.  I'm still thinking about it ...

At the guild meeting the other night they were raffling off this book by Kitty Pippen, who is the mother of Sylvia Pippen, who wrote the Paradise Stitched book.  I bought some raffle tickets and made a comment that I wanted to win this book.  I didn't - but Marie, who won it, gave it to me!  How sweet is that?  So two new books for inspiration and thank you to two really nice friends!

I worked all day on The Quilt Show's block of the month!  More on that later :)

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