Monday, January 20, 2014

Numbers Four and Five!

I finished the two baby quilts that I started in the Pinterest Party class last Friday!  I did not use batting and did minimal machine quilting.  For the green one the backing is this incredibly soft green and brown polka dot minkie fabric.  It gives the whole quilt a wonderful feel.
I only used fabrics that I already had, I didn't have to purchase anything for these two quilts.  A couple of people in class asked where I got the flannel and I honestly can't remember.  It might have been, and probably was, when Hi Fashion Fabrics downsized their store a few years ago and had a BIG sale!

To keep the two layers together I just free motion stitched a little spiral in the center of each circle.

Lorraine, at Hi Fashion, talked me into putting an actual binding on these quilts.  I thought about doing a pillow case, right sides together and top stitch sort of finish, but I am glad I took the time to do the binding.  It gives it a great finished look.

Here they are after binding and machine washing!  I really love the way they feel without the batting, very soft and very usable.

The edges ragged out just like they are supposed to!  It gives them a little more softness, texture and interest.  The blue polka dot fabric in the outer circle is also the backing for this white quilt.

These will be gifts for someone at some time!  They will keep some little baby snuggly and warm!

On to number six!  My plan next is to finish my Sheep of the Month quilt, which is also pinned and ready to go!

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