Sunday, January 5, 2014

Scalloped Edges

I am putting a scalloped edge on my snowman quilt.  This is only about the third time I have done this and I learn a little more each time.  This time, I marked the edge clearly with a chalk pencil, and stitched that line before I quilted the border.  That reminded me to stay at least a quarter inch inside of the stitched line while quilting my border, so the binding, hopefully, won't cover up my quilting design!  I also tried something I had not tried before.  I sewed the binding on the scalloped edge before trimming in.  I had seen that on a YouTube video.  It worked pretty well!

Here are a few more holiday pictures just for fun.  Four of the kids went over to the church gym to practice fencing.  I really like watching fencing - have not tried it myself, but it looks like good exercise!

My daughter and her husband celebrated their 2nd Wedding Anniversary over the holidays and my hubby and I celebrated our 31st, just a few days before Christmas :)

Here are the Victory Board Winners!  The Victory Board has become quite a fun holiday tradition in our family.  The past couple of years we only had one "prize" - this year I decided to have first, second and third place prizes.

I told them I should get a victory point for cooking Christmas Eve dinner.  I'm not sure if I did or not.  Next year I will have to follow up on that ....  It was tallied up that over 40 games were played, including ping pong, bowling etc.  I'm not sure if fencing counted or not.  Fun times :)

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