Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Inbox Jaunt

A friend of mine told me about The Inbox Jaunt, a blog by Lori Kennedy from Minnesota.  Every Tuesday she posts a free motion machine quilting tutorial and oh my, what amazing fun ideas she has!  I could spend hours just looking at the FMQ tutorials!  She posts a lot of other fun stuff as well - today she talked about stencils.  I know I am going to learn a lot by following her blog!
In the photo above I decided to try the Swirls and Twirls tutorial she posted on Tuesday.  I first drew it out in my sketchbook.  It doesn't look that great, but I know I can stitch better than I can draw so I wasn't that worried.  I just wanted to get a feel for the direction I would be quilting.

In the photo on the right I was auditioning what I was thinking of doing in the sashing squares of my Sheep of the Month quilt, which I started quilting today.

Here is my version of Swirls and Twirls stitched out on my practice "sandwich".  I can definitely stitch better than I can draw - thankfully!  This is such a fun pattern and SOOOO easy, when you follow her step by step directions in her tutorial.  I encourage you to go check her blog and give these a try.  SO fun.

You can see I started small and got a little bigger.  I actually did that on purpose :) - just to see how it looks extending past the one inch lines a bit.

Here is the other design stitched in the sashing squares of the sheep quilt.  I like it!  It is a design that I haven't tried before.  That is one thing about quilting seven quilts in a row - I am gaining some confidence and having fun trying new designs!

I will share more of the sheep quilting tomorrow!

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  1. Hi there Karen! I too just recently found Lori's blog and must say I love her style! I am here because of her "tell us about your blog" post. Looks like you have some great talent going here! I will keep track of your progress and add you to my blog list, have fun! Pam