Sunday, February 9, 2014

A UFO Put to Good Use

When my Mom and I cleaned her sewing room a few months ago, she decided to get rid of some kits and projects that she no  longer wanted to do.  I took some and gave some to friends and the rest went to the White Elephant sale at the guild.
At the very next guild meeting a member stood up at show and tell and showed a couple of quilts she had made with fabric from my Mom's stash.  The quilt pictured here was made by my friend Pam, from a kit given to her by my Mom! This quilt turned out SO cute!  I'm sure my Mom will be pleased to see it all finished.

The fabric is adorable, with little ants playing all over it, and the little "ant houses" have flaps that open up so you can see what is going on inside.  Pam plans to buy some little toy figures to go with this quilt, so the lucky child who gets it will not only have a "blanket" but a fun play mat as well.

Here are a couple of close ups of the cute fabric.

So the moral of this story is:  When you go through your UFO's, if there are some you know you will never make or finish, pass them along to someone else!  Better to be finished and getting used, than sitting in our closets collecting dust.

Better go clean my sewing room!  And thanks Mom for passing along some of your treasures that others are now enjoying :)

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