Saturday, February 1, 2014

Family Fun Weekend!

We spent the latter part of the weekend and today catching up with some of our kids and my parents, and celebrating some birthdays!

First on the agenda, our daughter Michelle got us some awesome tickets to a BYU basketball game!  We were six rows up from the floor so we could even hear the players arguing with the referees :)

There are so many fun contests and events that go on during the game that you don't see on TV.  It was a ton of fun and BYU won, which made it even more exciting!

We were sitting across the isle in two groups, but that was OK - still a great time.

This is why I was never a cheerleader.  I always cringe when they throw girls up in the air and hold my breath until they're safely caught....

The crazy student section with big funny heads to distract the opposing team during free throws.

I gave my daughters their little Valentine quilts and they both really liked them and seemed excited!  I think they will enjoy them as much I will enjoy making them each month!

Go Broncos!  Excited to see them win the Super Bowl tomorrow!


  1. Yes I definitely love my little wall quilt!

  2. Apparently Qualtrics handed out the big heads :)