Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Sew Ruth!

As I mentioned yesterday, my friend Ruth Feild gave a presentation to the CO West Quilt Guild on Wednesday night entitled "It's Sew Ruth!"  She is an amazing quilt artist and it was so much fun to see not only more of her work, but also some of her fun collections of antiques.  She really went the extra mile to share with the group and make this program special.

Here she is standing next to a quilt she made for the GJ Symphony called Monumental Memories.  The quilt celebrates 100 years of the Colorado National Monument.  It features photographs by a well known photographer and stories (in the muslin squares) written by locals about their favorite memories of the Monument.

I love this Yo-Yo quilt that was part of her display.  She did not talk about this one, so I am not sure if she made it, or if it one of her antiques.  It is beautiful.

Ruth collects little antique sewing machines that are so cute!  She said her daughter learned to sew on one of these hand crank little machines.  She said the nice part about that was that the stitching was easy to remove so her daughter could use the same thread over and over!

She also has a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll collection.  I know at least one of these she made herself, for her daughter.

I remember when she made this vest several years ago.  There is a picture of her daughter on the right side as you're looking at it.

Ruth's kids and my kids went to school together and often were in the same classes.  I must say I worked with her many times as "room mothers" for parties etc. and she was amazing - very creative and fun.  The kids were always in a for a real treat!

I love how Ruth puts history in every one of her quilts.  All quilts "tell a story", but Ruth's quilts really, literally tell a story.  There are so many things to see and look at in each one.  She told us she puts a picture of herself in each one too - so that gives you something else to look for!

This is her quilt portraying the Lions Club Parade that happens every year.  She said she took this quilt to the Lions Club to show them and several members recognized themselves in her quilt!

She said she loves to collect Santa mugs and I believe she has over 100!

She showed a couple of the stockings she made for her kids.  Her daughter's has a Raggedy Ann on it.  She is also holding her Snow Angel quilt that portrays her kids making snow angels.  The hair on the kids is really her children's hair!

A couple of pieces shown here also commemorate history of the Grand Valley.  You could take a little field trip around town and see many of Ruth's pieces hanging at the Justice Center, the Marillac Clinic etc.  She has donated countless hours of her time and skills to our community.

Here is a larger picture of the Monument quilt.

I remember when she made this "I Spy" quilt many years ago and I have wanted to make one myself, ever since!  But I haven't yet....   This one is really well done and very personal to her family - quite a treasure.

She is showing off the Lions Club Parade quilt and said she met the person who was driving that little white car.

Ruth's quilts are very three dimensional!  This one portrays her son reading in bed, with a Smokey the Bear stuffed animal next to him.  She actually took a mold of her son's face to get it just right.  She also has a Smokey the Bear collection and told us some funny stories about that.
This is her amazing Colorado quilt.  There is SO much to this quilt that you really have to hear it all from her own lips.  I cannot even begin to remember all the detail.  I think she said this one is going to be auctioned off.  I think it should hang in the Capitol Building on permanent display.  All of the counties are represented, all fifty four 14'ers are depicted, the CO flag.   It's really something
Thank you Ruth for all you do for our community and for the quilting community in particular!  You are amazing!

And Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!

My hubby gave me flowers and chocolates, even though he already gave me a GO! cutter!  He's a sweetie.  He read somewhere this week that the lamest Valentine's gift to get your wife is a dozen red roses with baby's breath.  He made sure to point out that these roses do NOT have baby's breath :)  He also read that the best gift to give your wife for Valentine's Day is to donate to their favorite charity in their honor.  I told him he does that all the time!  It's called "Fabric Store"!

Hope you have a GREAT day!!

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