Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lots of Birthdays

Yesterday was a "Winter" birthday party for the miniature quilt group that I belong to - Little Bits.  It was held at Annie's house and on the table was this gorgeous crocheted table cloth which was made by Annie's husband Al's mother.  Al is 92!  So we can only guess how old this table cloth is - it is beautiful and in tip top shape.

Annie also brought out an "old" Felix the Cat that belonged to her mother.  On the bottom was a stamped date of 1922.  It has leather ears and is made of wood, with elastic inside so the arms and legs move.  It was quite fun to see a toy that is about 90 years old.

June has been making these embellished glass jars and bottles.  They have a hole drilled in them so you can put a string of battery operated (or plug in) lights inside, then she decorates them with those glass pebbles, mirrors and charms. She plans to teach the group how to make them this summer.

Here are the three gals whose birthdays we celebrated!  They all have February birthday and the rest of the group has summer birthdays, so each year we have a Winter Party and a Summer Party.  From left to right are:  Annie, Eleanor and Leota.

Today I went to lunch with another fun group of quilting friends to celebrate Marla's birthday!  There just cannot be too many birthday parties.  It's always fun to celebrate with friends :)

Now, off to do some quilting!  Finally!

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