Friday, February 7, 2014

More Little Bits

Our Little Bits group is a busy bunch.  We always have a lot to Show and Tell and it's very inspiring.

Have you ever played the Left, Center, Right game?  Different quilt groups I belong to have played with fat quarters several times.  You begin with three or four fat quarters and roll the LCR dice.  Depending on what you roll the fabric goes to the left, in the center or to the right, or you keep it.  The last person left with a a fat quarter wins the whole lot!  Little Bits played this at our Christmas party a year ago and Eleanor won all the FQs.  We teasingly told her she had to make a quilt using that mismatched pile of fabric.  Well she took us up on the challenge and she did it!  She used the Turning Twenty pattern and the FQs she won and look at her quilt!  I was amazed at how pretty it turned out with such an odd assortment of fabrics.  Way to go Eleanor!

Annie showed off a cute little Gingerbread Kids quilt that she is working on, using the back basting hand appliqué method.  I am going to make a video demonstrating that method - hope to get that done this weekend!

June shared this cute little snowman that was a gift to her for Christmas.  It is made from a sock!  It is so soft and cute.  She gave me the pattern and I'm going to have to make one .... or a few :)  I need to find some great, soft socks!

June is also teaching a wool class at the Sunset Slope Quilt Guild's Rendevous Retreat.  She is putting together kits for this great project.  Look at the detailed photos below - this is June's original design.  She plans to do this workshop for the Little Bits group in the Spring.

Look at the fantastic bag Sherida made from Downton Abbey fabric!  I need to think of something fun to make with my DA fabric.  It's so pretty.  The bag is a great idea!

Sherida and Annie plan to do a workshop for the group on these little miniature landscape quilts.  This is one Sherida made that is about 5x7 and displayed in a frame.  This is Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

This is one that Annie bought.  It is postcard size!

The one below was also made by Sherida. I like the way the design comes off the picture into the border.

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