Monday, February 10, 2014

What I Am Working On

I have been working on a few different projects lately.  First of all I started Zentangling on fabric!  Here is my first attempt.  I am enjoying it every bit as much as I enjoyed it on paper :)

I ironed the fabric onto freezer paper which helps stabilize it for the Zentangling.  I pulled out all my Zentangle books for ideas and inspiration and I'm having a blast!

Not quite done with this one, but getting close.  It's very relaxing.

I used a couple of circular shaped designs from this Karen Kay Buckley appliqué pattern to make a basic design on the fabric and I am Zentangling within the design elements.

I have also been working on the TQS block of the month, which I am half sizing.  This little block will measure at three inches finished.  I used Thangles to make the half square triangles, which finish at 3/4 of an inch.  The Thangles helped tremendously with these tiny little pieces.

Several people are half sizing this quilt and are posting helpful hints and instructions on the TQS forum.  I have been following that, and found the math already done for the basket block (mine is not quite done but the rest is appliqué, the piecing part is done :)

This little block will finish at 2 1/2 inches!  It's tiny and was challenging, but fun!

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