Sunday, March 2, 2014

Modern Mini

Any day spent quilting is a good day!  My sister-in-law gave me this sign and it's up near my sewing room.  When you've had several days or even weeks where you just haven't had time to sew and create, this takes on a whole new meaning!  Even getting an hour a day to work on a fun project makes the day a whole lot better :)

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours designing a miniature quilt.  I challenged myself (and anyone else willing to take on the challenge) last November to make a miniature quilt and submit it to the Houston International Quilt Festival this year.  Since the entry is due sometime in May, I decided I had better get busy!

I am using Tula Pink's Modern Quilt Blocks book for inspiration and my plan is to make a miniature modern quilt!

The blocks in her book finish at six inches.  My plan is to have mine finish at two.  Rather than do the math reducing it to 1/3 the size, which can get rather tricky, I decided to redraft the blocks on graph paper.  Some are slightly different than the ones in her book, but will look better in the two inch size.  I redrafted 25 blocks yesterday and will ultimately use 20 of them in the quilt I am making.  I designed the quilt using inspiration from two of the quilts in the book.  It will measure 14"x16".  Here are some of the fabrics I plan to use.  I am excited to get started!

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