Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Monthly Minis

Yesterday I went to the Monthly Mini class at Hi Fashion and finished up April's umbrellas for my daughters.
One woman in the class was working on the lettering on her Easter quilt.  I just hand embroidered mine using the backstitch and that worked fine, but hers really stood out and I had to ask how she accomplished that look.  She said she drew the line, then stitched down one side with the blanket stitch (by hand and using close together stitching), then stitched back up the other side, also using the blanket stitch, this time the "bite" inward filled in the stitching from the previous line of blanket stitching,
so it almost looks like a satin stitch.

It looks really nice, especially if you want the lettering to stand out more.

Here are the designs coming up!  Next month (or May) is the kite and June is the flower and butterfly.  Look how cute the hangars are for these :)

I had mine almost finished when I went to class.  I like to hand appliqué them in the evenings when I watch TV.  Yesterday in class I finished the bindings and sleeves on both, them slipped their hangars in when I got home and they're good to go!  We're ready for those April Showers!

Have a great day :)

Oh, this makes numbers 11 and 12 projects finished in 2014!

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