Thursday, March 6, 2014

No Sew Fabric Folded Ornament

I mentioned that yesterday in our Little Bits meeting Bobbi taught us how to make No Sew Fabric Folded ornaments!  We were to come prepared with four different colors of three inch squares folded in half and pressed.  We also needed a three inch smooth styrofoam ball and teeny tiny appliqué pins (or sequin pins).  It was also recommended that we bring a thimble but I forgot mine, so I had some sore fingers when I got home!  Those tiny little pins are a little difficult to push into the styrofoam, depending on how many layers of fabric you are also pushing through.

It was quite a fun afternoon and the resulting ornament balls are beautiful.  It was fun to see what fabric everyone brought and how differently they all turned out.  The styrofoam balls came in a package of six so I plan to make a few more of these as Christmas tree ornaments and give them away next Christmas.
Each of us got about half way done before heading home so these pictures just show the progress we made.  This is Sherida's.


The contrast in the fabric really helps show off the design.  I will use higher contrasting fabrics next time!





This is Bobbi's.  You can see here what is looks like all finished.

Here is mine.  There is good contrast between the center fabric and the next one, and between fabric two and three, but not between three and four.  Oh well, I have five more balls to practice on :)

Here is the first half of everyone's and Bobbi's finished one.  The one on the lower right is Eleanor's.  I didn't have an individual picture of that one.  This is a fun project with beautiful results!

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  1. Cool ornaments! You make so many cool things:)