Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pole, Putt, Pedal, Play

Years ago our family hosted an event for extended family which was dubbed "The Pole, Pedal, Putt" because in one weekend family members participated in skiing (pole), biking (pedal) and golf (putt).  It was fun and a great way to spend time with extended family.
My daughter decided to revive the event this weekend - our second "Pole, Pedal, Putt" event, however this time we added "Play".  It has been 10-12 years since that first event and we had just as much fun this time around.  We had several new family members participate too!
Here are the "Polers" - not as many, but they had a great time.

Sixteen participated in the "Putting".  We did a golf scramble so all could participate and it didn't matter how good (or in my case, bad) you were.  Our team - The Long Drives - won the scramble, by the way!  Landon said we were called The Long Drives because it was a "long drive" for us to get there, not because of our driving ability on the course :)

Actually Mike and Landon's Dad saved the day for our team, but we all had some good plays to contribute :)

Even more joined in the pedaling.  I didn't count, but there were probably about 10 more people.  We biked along the beautiful Jordan River.  I would love to go back and bike the other part of the trail.  It was a little windy for golfing and biking, but not enough to ruin the day - we all still had a great time!

Here is our youngest participant.  This little guy golfed too if you can believe it!  And he was better than me!
Our family ended the day with a "Play" at the Hale Center Theatre in Salt Lake City, which is the most awesome theater I've ever been to.  We've been going to plays there for years and I have never been disappointed.  This weekend we saw Les Miserables and they did such a FANTASTIC job.  It was AMAZING.  The standing ovation went on and on for several minutes and several of the cast members as well as the audience members had tears in our eyes.  My daughter and son, who had seen this play in London a few years ago, said this performance topped that one.  If you ever get a chance to go to this theater for any production, I highly recommend it!

So after all the Poling, Putting, Pedaling and Playing, we're officially POOPED, but pooped in a good way because we got to enjoy quality time with our family!  I sure love them all!
(I got to see my Mom too and she's doing much better :)

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  1. In looking at some of your older posts, I see a picture of a runner that was cut using a twister ruler....I think that is what the quilt pattern looked like and was done in batiks. Does this ring a bell ? Your work is so lovely and I know it must be hard to "track down" all of your creations.