Friday, April 11, 2014

Bobbin' Head Beatles

When I was about four years old my Dad brought home two sets of these Bobbin' Head Beatles, one for me and one for my brother.  A few years ago I found mine!  All except Paul McCartney that is.  His bobbin' head replica must have perished at some point during my childhood years.  Here I had three Beatles, but no Paul, so I decided to search on eBay and I found him!  I watched carefully as the bids went crazy the last few minutes but phew!  I won!  I was excited to reunite them and proudly display them in my curio cabinet.  They are now 48 years old.  At least three of them are.... Paul must be about that old too :)
The weather has been so beautiful and my daughter is visiting so we decided to go golf today.  It was great!
I haven't been quilting too much this week, that is why my posts have been about other things.... However I have been in my sewing room a bit.  I finished all 25 two inch blocks for the Modern Mini quilt, and I got the Monthly Minis traced and ready for back basting, and the fabrics chosen (which took a long time!)  I still have much to do and hope to get some time next week to catch up.  Oh, and I am working tomorrow afternoon at the CWQG's Barnes and Noble fundraiser, so stop on by and purchase something!

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