Sunday, April 6, 2014

Busy Weekend

We spent a nice, if rather hectic, weekend with family.  Our parents are getting older and dealing with age related issues that go along with that process.  Two of our parents (one of mine and one of Mike's) are in care facilities right now struggling with health problems.  This weekend we were trying to help out my parents.  We also got to see most of our kids and celebrate our daughter's birthday.  Everything did not go completely as expected and we still have some things to work out but often those trials and frustrations just make one even more grateful for the little blessings in life that we sometimes take for granted. We both have wonderful parents and are so grateful to them for raising us and our siblings and devoting their lives to their families.  I remember after having our first child thinking, "Wow!  My Mom did all of this for me!"  We were lucky kids and we are trying to follow their examples as we parent our own kids - even though they're all adults now!
I love this picture Mike's brother took of his parents holding hands while watching conference together this weekend :)

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  1. I love this picture too. So cute. I remember seeing "Tangled" with them and they held hands and laughed through the whole movie!