Monday, April 7, 2014

Colorado Row Quilt

In 2005 I somehow volunteered myself to be in charge of a Row Quilt Challenge for our guild.  I found inspiration from several sources.  We wanted it to be very "Colorado", since that is where we live.  I got permission from one source to use the Columbine flower pattern, which is hand appliquéd, and permission from another source to use the acorn and leaf patterns, which are paper pieced.  The house and tree patterns I got on EQ7 and of course the friendship star, flying geese, pinwheel and log cabin patterns are common traditional block patterns.

It was a fun project to do!  I'm not sure how many people ended up participating or completing the quilt but I ended up having fun coming up with the pattern ideas and making mine.  If anyone else reading this made one and finished it, email me a photo of your row quilt and I will post it!
My miniature group did a miniature row quilt about the same time.  I will post a picture of that tomorrow.

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