Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Megan's Garden Quilt

Here are some pictures of my miniature row quilt, which I also made in 2005.  It was a challenge in our Little Bits group and most of the ladies made one - of course they all turned out very differently!  That's what makes it fun.  Mine is called Megan's Garden Quilt because in our house, my daughter Megan was the gardener.  She was and still is, always wanting to grow things.  Even in college she and her roommate planted a little garden in tubs on their balcony.  It seemed only appropriate that a garden quilt would be named for her. Maybe she will want to hang it in her house someday :)

All of the rows in my little quilt are paper pieced using the freezer paper piecing method.  The entire quilt measures 18 inches by 19 inches.

My birds are a just little too large for their houses!  Oh well....

Look what else I found!  This was in my curio cabinet.  It is a little folded fabric pineapple!  I cannot remember where I got this!  It's kind of driving me crazy actually that I can't remember.  Maybe one of my daughters will comment and remind me, or my hubby.  I was dusting yesterday (yes I do that occasionally) and I spotted it in there!  It's super cute.  Another fun fabric folding idea using the styrofoam egg shapes.

Tomorrow I'm going to SEW in my QUILT STUDIO!  And I will share with you my fabulous eBay purchase :)  Until then - happy day!

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